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Wheeler and grabbed him. They'd been great in their very peculiar way, but now it was time to concentrate on other things. But at long last, she had succeeded. The hairbrush smacked down hard on Alli's bottom cheeks, leaving dark red splotches on the fair-skinned girl every time it did. She stopped at mid-sentence as she gazed at her daughter, standing in the middle of the bathroom with her pj shorts, her white and pink socks Is anything the matter?

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Individuals with this fetish often enjoy mainstream age regression stories, although there are also specific stories that cater to the fetish and even some pornographic films in which an elderly person becomes a young adult again.

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Age regression

As she looked herself over in the full-frame mirror in her bedroom, eighteen-year-old Allison Bergman couldn't help but feel proud for herself, but also sad. She purred softly as Sarah stroke her hair and rubbed her arms and occasionally her belly through the blanket. At last, the woman stepped back and admired her handiwork. The girl's firm nod of acknowledgement was very sincere and not at all faked. At times it felt like carrying the weight of the world upon one shoulder, not even two. And a great experience it was, since the girl could barely believe her eyes. Wheeler's paddle which he grabbed while Mr.

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age regression stories spank
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