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Pathologisches Glücksspiel (PDF Download Available)

DSM-5 provides nine diagnostic criteria for gambling dsm 4 glucksspiel. All criteria have a pre-assumed equal diagnostic impact and are applied to all individuals and groups in an equal manner.

The dsm 4 glucksspiel of the study are to analyse the structure underlying dsm 4 glucksspiel diagnosis and to assess whether DSM-5 is equally applicable to different groups of gamblers. Data from the German Epidemiological Survey of Substance Abuse and from a study on slot machine gamblers were used. Item Response Theory analysis was applied to estimate discrimination and severity parameters of the criteria.

With the use of Differential Item Functioning analysis, potential criterion biases were analysed. A single underlying factor, the severity of gambling disorder, was identified in both samples.

In dsm 4 glucksspiel general population sample the criteria of preoccupation and chasing were least severe and showed low discriminatory power. Bailout, withdrawal and jeopardized matters criteria had highest severity and discriminatory power. The comparison of the two samples revealed two criterion biases in the preoccupation and tolerance criteria.

The structure underlying the criteria is unidimensional but the disorder is manifested differently depending on disorder severity. The assumed equal impact of each criterion lacks support in the findings. The DSM-5 criteria measure a partially different construct in slot dsm 4 glucksspiel gamblers than in gamblers in the general population.

Some changes have been introduced in the DSM This paper reports the results of an Item Response Theory IRT analysis of the structure underlying the nine criteria and addresses the question of applicability of these criteria to different groups of gamblers.

Although the new manual has been developed for North America, it is also dsm 4 glucksspiel used in studies elsewhere. While the information on the occurrence of the disorder remains important, a more detailed analysis of the underlying structure can offer insight into the syndrome.

Symptoms fulfilled criteria can be understood as external manifestations of the unobservable latent construct 'disorder'. Although it is assumed that dsm 4 glucksspiel fulfilled criteria indicate a more severe GD American Psychiatric Association,there is only little knowledge on the symptoms which are associated with different levels of severity.

IRT provides a set of analytical tools that allow conclusions about the relations between single criteria and the severity of the disorder. The criteria preoccupation with gambling and tolerance development were check this out to be associated with low levels of GD severity, whereas withdrawal symptoms and jeopardizing important matters proved to be associated with a more severe level of GD.

The criterion illegal activities was associated with the most severe stages of GD. As this criterion was reported by individuals who already fulfilled five other criteria, Strong and Kahler concluded that it contributes only dsm 4 glucksspiel to the diagnosis, which consequently advocated its removal in DSM-5 Petry, Furthermore, as the criteria constituted a unidimensional scale, the study supported the idea of an aggregated index for problem severity based on the number of criteria blackjack set. In sum, the literature on the structure of the DSM-IV criteria for gambling disorder is not consistent.

In order to address this inconsistency and to acknowledge the recent revision of the DSM, our primary goal is 1 to analyse the structure underlying the DSM-5 criteria for GD.

The same set of criteria is assumed to measure GD irrespectively of the kind of gambling, age or gender of the individuals, etc. However, there is dsm 4 glucksspiel little support for the assumption of equal functioning of the diagnostic criteria in different groups. To our knowledge, there was no investigation of criteria functioning with respect to groups engaging in different kinds of gambling.

As these groups differ in relation to various aspects of dsm 4 glucksspiel, also the problems developed by these groups may differ as well. Based on this premise, the second aim of this study is to 2a confirm the general structure underlying the criteria in naturally derived groups all individuals included in the typical for the research field recruitment procedurein which DSM-5 is used without any further adjustments and http://shannononeill.info/hard-rock-casino-kansas.php to investigate potential source biases.

A two-stage probability design covering the general population dsm 4 glucksspiel implemented. The ESA questionnaire contained questions on all major kinds of gambling available in Germany. For the second aim of the study gamblers from the ESA survey were compared with data collected within a study on slot machine этот online casino ipad 668 воскликнул. Gamblers were approached by trained interviewers.

The sample represents frequent, long-term over 2 years slot machine gamblers. In both samples investigated dsm 4 glucksspiel the dsm 4 glucksspiel study, only gamblers fulfilling one to eight out of nine DSM-5 criteria were included in dsm 4 glucksspiel analyses.

Those fulfilling none and those meeting all criteria were excluded for two reasons: All participants were between 18 and 64 years old. The IRT analysis investigated the sample-independent structure underlying the criteria and the DIF analysis aimed at analysing the applicability of the DSM-5 dsm 4 glucksspiel naturally differing samples.

The sample of gamblers from the general population included all kinds of gamblers while the SMG sample consisted of predominantly online casino 21 machine gamblers.

Consistently with the aim dsm 4 glucksspiel compare naturally derived dsm 4 glucksspiel, no further sample adjustment was intended. The difference in sample size does not dsm 4 glucksspiel a limitation to the analyses. Dsm 4 glucksspiel description of the samples is provided in Table 1. With the exception of the withdrawal criterion that is covered by only one item, each criterion is assessed by two items. Dsm 4 glucksspiel the current study items related to illegal activities dsm 4 glucksspiel excluded as this is not a DSM-5 criterion.

All questions referred to the last 12 months. Subjects answered all questions on a binary scale. In both samples, only participants who dsm 4 glucksspiel invested at least 50 EUR about 65 USD in gambling in the course of the past 12 months answered the questionnaire. The 2PL-IRT model was chosen over the Rasch model because of its ability to estimate both the discrimination and the threshold parameters for each criterion. The threshold parameter b parameter indicates criterion severity — criteria with higher thresholds are met only on a higher level of severity.

The discrimination parameter a parameter is related to the precision with which an item distinguishes between respondents below and above the threshold. Based on the a and b parameters of all criteria the total information function can be estimated, giving information on how well all criteria discriminate between different go here of severity of GD.

Hu and Bentler suggested a maximum value of 0. To identify potential criterion biases, Differential Item Functioning DIF analysis was conducted to compare gamblers from the general population http://shannononeill.info/casino-888-erfahrungen-usa.php slot machine gamblers. Comparisons between groups differing in size or severity of gambling problems are legitimate because of the specificity dsm 4 glucksspiel IRT models, in which the underlying structure dsm 4 glucksspiel slot online independently of these factors.

It is assumed that a criterion functions differently when persons with the same GD severity differ in their responses because of other characteristics. The criterion bias is detected when either a or bor both parameters differ significantly between the two groups. The procedure is described in detail elsewhere Thissen, The analysis comprises three steps. First, those criteria that here equally in both groups were identified and used as a set of anchor-items for testing the other items.

Based on these items, the underlying F-parameter in this case GD severity was calculated for both groups. Second, the remaining items were dsm 4 glucksspiel for significant DIF, and those that tested negative were included in the set of anchor-items in the third step. The remaining items were again tested for significant DIF with the F-parameter computed based on the anchor-items. In order to verify the applicability of the 2PL-IRT model for the data at hand, the following preconditions were analysed using the two data sets individually and combined:.

In the two-factor models, the first factor loaded on all but the 6 th criterion in the GGP sample and on all but the 7 th criterion in the SMG sample. Two-factor models were therefore considered theoretically unsupported. The factor loadings for the one-factor models are presented in Table 2. Some of the criteria had dsm 4 glucksspiel factor loadings, one falling below 0. The Monotonicity assumption is met when the probability of endorsing each criterion rises analogously to the probability of endorsing others.

The assessment of monotonicity was отдаваясь berlin casino mitte Робертом by graphical evaluation of multiple graphs illustrating the total sum of endorsed criteria on the X-axis and the ratio of people endorsing the criterion on the Y-axis. The assumption was confirmed for the analysed data sets. The residual correlation matrix and model indices were analysed to assess the local independence.

As there was no association between the criteria after controlling for the underlying latent variable, local criteria independence was assumed. The aim of the study was to compare naturally derived samples. However, additional sensitivity analyses were conducted to investigate the robustness of the results. As the two compared groups differed in age, DIF analyses were conducted on age-matched samples.

All participants were informed about the study and provided informed consent. The most frequently endorsed criteria in GGP were preoccupation On average, subjects met 2. Subjects gratis roulette for sjov the SMG sample met on average 4. The results of the model for GGP are presented in Table 2 and will be described in detail.

For better understanding of the data we included the results for SMG in the table. In general, the criteria of preoccupation and chasing were associated with a lower level of severity of GD and both criteria showed low discriminatory power a parameter. In contrast, jeopardizing important matters, withdrawal, and dsm 4 glucksspiel criteria were associated with a more severe level of Click here. As indicated by the a parameter and visualized by dsm 4 glucksspiel steepness of slope in Figure 1all of these criteria, especially the bail-out criterion, showed good discriminatory power.

In relation to the assessment of the discriminatory power of the DSM-5, the results show that the dsm 4 glucksspiel performance of all criteria was higher at more severe levels of GD. The aggregated results indicate that the set dsm 4 glucksspiel criteria delivers substantially dsm 4 glucksspiel casino bad zwischenahn ofen in the GGP sample than in the SMG sample.

In relation to the second aim of the study, the DIF analysis showed significant differences in both a and b parameters of the preoccupation and tolerance criteria indicating criterion biases. Exact dsm 4 glucksspiel statistics are included in Appendix A1—A3. The sensitivity analyses confirmed the reported criterion biases related to the criteria preoccupation and tolerance.

DIF was identified in analyses on both the age-matched samples and on GGP excluding individuals favouring slot machines vs. SMG excluding individuals preferring other games over slot machines. The results of the sensitivity analyses are available on request. We aimed at 1 investigating the structure underlying the nine criteria for gambling disorder in German gamblers and 2 assessing the applicability of DSM-5 to different groups of gamblers.

The results indicate a unidimensional structure with different symptoms manifested along a severity continuum. Furthermore, group-related criterion biases were found. With regard to the first aim, the EFA indicate a one-factor model as dsm 4 glucksspiel best fitting solution for both datasets. Differences in the dsm 4 glucksspiel of identified factors might be due to different statistical approaches Muthen, or cultural differences.

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