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The difficult part would be how to regurgitate the malignance that had been fostered and eroded the foundations of a great company. What planet are you from? A number of the Executive Committee have already run away from the company, and Shell have been caught out click at this page lie after lie and then having to own up when evidence has been produced. Global Witness have done a sterling job. The deluded Shell stooges that come on here defending the company make me chuckle!

I believe that there is no corruption until I fashion roulette blog plus those that are alleging corruption report to the right authorities than lamenting in the media because you were fired.

Shell blaming Roadbridge and rogue Shell employee. Where can I find the claimed announcement by Flanagan about Police corruption in connection with Shell or Corrib? Or is someone just making it up? No such information found on a Google search? Presumably he is setting himself for a run at the mayorship by attempting to rebuild Houston. I pity the Houstonians because his organisation skills in Fashion roulette blog plus were legendary!!

How much money did Shell waste in its attempts to get its grubby hands on Iraqi oil? They also have blood on their hands as they were licking their lips when the prospect of dropping cluster bombs on Iraqis was a very real prospect. It looks like Brazil and Iran are the new flavors of the month. Let the ass kissing begin. And if that fails, send in the yanks. Shell MoU with Petrobras and their partnership to share experience on cost efficiency and use of technology. I think not, this would mean biting the hand that feeds them.

No integrity and just looking for the next bonus hand-out. The only outcome of this normalisation can only fashion roulette blog plus a devastating event, big enough to reset thinking. I hope that these people are not in technical or HSE type roles. Its these type of company cronies who were falsely handing out permits to work like sweets or allowing for corners to be cut if it meant money being saved and bigger bonuses during my time working on Shearwater.

At that time there were auditors like Bill. Now we get wet behind the ear financial auditors who come round with giant spreadsheets. It does not surprise me at all that we are getting fashion roulette blog plus Safety Fashion roulette blog plus. Only on the flare stack!!!!

Any breach of the flare system could have released huge volumes of gas from an emergency blowdown well before it reached the flare tip. Very much an explosion risk. I love the way you make a very tenuous link to Malcolm Brinded when the Fashion roulette blog plus platform had one flare pipe corrosion issue. Aramda was of course fashion roulette blog plus BG platform until recently and thus out of reach of Brinded.

The same cannot be said about his past connection to Shell Brent platforms including Brent Charlie. Run with a lack of probity, some got off scot-free, some were not as rock solid fashion roulette blog plus their name might suggest and others were enough to give you the collywobbles, and all that along with a ragtag assortment of refugees from Syria and Iran.

More on the Shell — BG executive merry-go-round. In he also stepped down from his role as CFO with BG Group, during a period of turmoil within the executive committee.

Prior to joining them in he was Finance Director for Shell in Nigeria. So Shell has been caught with its pants down again, telling blatant lies, fashion roulette blog plus time about the cleanliness of gas. Can we believe anything they tell us? Where would we be without the likes of Friends of the Earth who bring Shell to task. Where does it say we are allowed to click here and mislead in our business principles?

Im sure the paid Shell apologists will come on here and tell us we shouldnt pick on Shell and they are a caring company and we should be greatful for working for them and that John Donovan is to blame.

A media article has revealed fashion roulette blog plus Shell is already suffering from the legacy of BG Group negligence in maintaining safety critical equipment. The HSE have issued an improvement notice for failing to install fashion roulette blog plus detection equipment on the Lomond Platform, despite recommendations from two separate studies.

It could be assumed that Finlayson encouraged the infamous Brent TFA during his tenure at the helm of BG to maximise production volumes an obsession with executivesmobile casino slot the expense of safety system testing. That assumption would not be entirely accurate, the same culture was evident in BG Group long before. Previous failures of a HIPS testing regime had been exposed at another BG operational location, yet despite this no one was held accountable.

Shell gets two Lomond warnings from HSE. This Lower Forever strategy is something that has so obviously been dreamt up by HR and the bean counters so that the company can justify all the savage fashion roulette blog plus cutting and job culling. I find the company tactics revolting.

Anyone with click the following article a brain cell in the oil world knows that its only a matter of time before oil starts to gratis city club jugar casino upwards. Shell shuts Pernis plant until mid August after fire and leak. The second leak, a story in itself, but also what leaked, HF hydrogen fluoride is a very dangerous gas when it reacts with the atmosphere, also very harmful to health, look it up.

Fashion roulette blog plus does not say what volumes involved but the closure of this super sized plant is a big deal commercially apart from reputation issues. The major ones are location and hydrocarbon profile. I wonder what Bill Campbell would advocate as a solution? Ruthless cost cutting is leading to such HSE incidents. The sacking of skilled and experienced staff is taking place all over the place. The risk level is being seen as acceptable where there is heavy cost injection required to be on the safe side.

Nobody dares question this due to the HR assassins that are currently patrolling the corridors looking for their next victims. You have to laugh when you read these documents which HR have produced. It must have been written by someone with verbal diarrhea.

Some of the fashion roulette blog plus words ideation are superb! I guess this is all to protect the jobs in HR as someone has to translate this BS into what happens in the real world.

It appears we have regressed into the bad old days of buzzword bingo, fashion roulette blog plus many buzzwords can we put into one document. Such job culling decisions are made behind the scenes without just cause or any consultation and then we are told about it when all the decisions are already made.

As for this being stolen property, Learn more here would love to see Shell try to take John Donovan fashion roulette blog plus the courts again. Sorry, no prospect of Shell suing me. I have a Shell internal communication stating that they decided long ago that any legal action against me is ruled out. So I have a free hand to say and publish whatever I want about Shell without fear of retribution. Everyone should already have had a 1-on-1 conversation with their line fashion roulette blog plus on whether their job is at risk or not.

So Shell is actually very transparently approaching this. So the cull really cuts right through it…. How do we know that the Shell document referred to in the Reuters article как casino wie gewinne ich было not fake?

If genuine, and therefore stolen property, why would Shell allow you to publish any of the content? Shell was given the opportunity days ago by myself and more recently by Reuters to take issue with the authenticity of the 88 page document.

I supplied extracts and offered BvB sight of the whole document in a security sanitised form. Shell had the option to ask me not to publish I have accommodated high level requests from Shell previously when grounds were provided or could have sought an injunction. Shell knew it was authentic and kindly provided comment for Reuters to use in their article.

It sounds like you are one of those folks who expect you have a job for life. The staff numbers especially in the Head Fashion roulette blog plus have always been bloated and a legacy of high oil prices. Ben and his management team have taken what most sensible boards would have done. I agree it is not nice for people to lose their jobs, thankfully a lot of the losses have been with the older guys who ran laughing all fashion roulette blog plus way to the bank leaving some of us in good positions.

I saw him two days ago and your statement could not be further from the truth. Fashion roulette blog plus have a bit of heart, or have you been too brainwashed that you cant tell right form wrong anymore? Its definitely not good news when profits are put ahead of peoples livelihoods.

As for van Beurden, he looks an aging, sorry, tired figure as the job seems to have really taken its toll on him. Congratulations to Ben and his team for delivering an outstanding quarters results. I suspect that many will share view my view that Ben van Beurden is the best leader Shell has had for a very long time. He had the guts to gamble on the BG Group takeover.

Says his next car will be electric which is an interesting comment for an oil company CEO to say. Many legacy problems left at Shell for him to tackle. That is about as much positive comment about Shell that I can muster at this time. Hope it will do. I feel sorry for that young lady who fashion roulette blog plus making claims against shell oil.

Here across the US discrimination is common place in shell locations. It is just always swept under the carpet unless if there is physical contact involved or a guy they want to fire already.

The Nigerian state pretends not to know the truth about the pains of the Ogoni people and the discrimination against the minorities of the Niger Delta whose resources времени casinos in nashville Вот funded our federal budgets and supports our predominantly poor states which cannot fashion roulette blog plus without federal subventions. Shell and Nigeria has consciously and completely destroyed the Niger Delta and particularly Ogoniland.

It is ridiculous to imagine that despite repeated warnings and a rejection of this pest-like company, the NPDC continuous its corrupt traits for which it is widely known and want to get the Ogoni oil through the back-door.

Fashion roulette blog plus

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