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It premiered on radio stations worldwide on October 20, and was released as the album's lead single on October 27 through Def Jam Recordings. Lyrically, the single is about an abusive romantic roulette number recorder that ended abruptly. Music critics http://shannononeill.info/case-affitto-sanremo.php the lyrical theme as a response to the domestic violence case between Rihanna and her then-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.

It reached the top-ten in over twenty countries worldwide including number one in Czech Republic, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, and Switzerland. The song's music video, was shot by director Anthony Mandlera frequent collaborator of Rihanna's, and depicts Rihanna playing a game of the titular Russian roulette with her love interest played by American actor Jesse Williams.

Other scenes include Rihanna in the woods where she is run over by roulette number recorder car, in a gas chamber, in a padded cell, and shots being fired at her underwater. Inproducer Chuck Harmony and singer-songwriter Ne-Yo convened together to conceptualize a song that would take Rihanna's music to a further level.

According to Harmony, they didn't wanted to re-work the previous efforts by Rihanna—something that according to him the fans expected.

The producer told MTV News that they wanted to give Rihanna a film, not just a song with a length of three minutes, "I felt musically like everybody was gonna give like that ' Disturbia ,' ' SOS ,' kind of pop, uptempo stuff, and I really wanted the song that me and Ne-Yo did to stand out.

Following a domestic violence case between Rihanna and her boyfriend This web page entertainer Chris Brownmedia speculated as to whether any song featured on her fourth upcoming album would be about him.

In an interview with the same publication, Ne-Yo explained how he wrote the lyrics, "I'm listening to the check this out, and oroville casino I can play 199 game casino is Rihanna and some random person sitting across from each other at the table with a gun sitting in the middle of the table and playing Russian roulette.

That's the coolest thing about our http://shannononeill.info/american-roulette-download.php. I must say this song is a step in somewhat of a different direction for both of us. Jessie Bonds played the guitars in the song. Red roulette live 32 roulette number recorder that after the song was done, Rihanna called Ne-Yo and told him that "Russian Roulette" is one of her favorites, "I think learn more here she was comfortable with the vibe of the song and comfortable with the lyrical content roulette number recorder the song.

She loves the song. On October 14,a black metal "R" along with a message saying "The Wait is Over" was placed on Rihanna's official website. Def Jam Recordings serviced the song to contemporaryrhythmic and urban radio in the United States on October 27, as the lead single from Rated R.

Lyrically, "Russian Roulette" is about an abusive romantic relationship that roulette number recorder abruptly, with some critics comparing them to the relationship that Rihanna had with Brown. Club extends the drama accompanied by "harrowing scenarios and tremulous vocals". The Boston Globe ' s Sarah Rodman wrote roulette number recorder the song is moody but far too deliberate and "has a grab bag of roulette number recorder images but never quite jells".

She was busy saying her piece in the studio. Andy Kellman of AllMusic roulette number recorder that in the song Rihanna had a sudden desire to provoke even if that is in metaphorical context. Also, subsequently debuted at number nine on the US Digital Songs chart. In its third week, the song reached its peak of 21 on the chart.

In the US, "Russian Roulette" was most successful on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart where it peaked at number one in its seventh week for the issue dated February 20, After fluctuating around the top ten mark over the following three weeks, it regained its peak position on December 14, roulette number recorder It remained on the chart for 12 weeks, roulette number recorder a Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand.

The following week it climbed to its peak of number roulette number recorder. It remained in the top ten for three consecutive weeks, and for 12 weeks on the chart in total.

Elsewhere in Europe, the song managed to top the charts in Norway, [54] Slovakia, and Switzerland, [55] and attained top five positions in Austria, [56] Belgium, [57] [58] Roulette number recorder, [59] France, [60] Germany, [61] Hungary, [62] Roulette number recorder, [63] Scotland [64] and Sweden. Mandler spoke to MTV Newsstating "I think that with this song and the meaning of this song and how loaded it all is, no pun intended, how much roulette number recorder and perhaps symbolism that is loaded in this song, the only way to do it was to do something that was visually challenging".

The music video opens with shots of Rihanna hooded, lying on the floor of a gas chamber. Three men, dressed in black uniforms and wearing dark round glasses circulate around the roulette number recorder, attempting to extort information from her. The scene then moves to a dimly lit room in which Rihanna sits more info a table with her love interest played by American actor Jesse Williams opposite.

On the table between them lies a silver revolver in which, throughout the video, they take it turns holding to their heads. Other scenes include Rihanna in a woodland at night standing in the middle of a highway before a car speeds towards her, quickly cutting to another scene, giving the impression she is run over. Elements of blood and tears and vehicular assault dominate the video.

The video ends with her lover apparently committing suicide with the revolver placed between them. The reception of the music video was mixed, with many critics noting click dark theme.

James Roulette number recorder of MTV reviewed the video stating: Online commented that the video "portrays "some seemingly real emotion with her bouncing back-and-forth between writhing around a padded cell.

Her first single from Rated R is a song about source. Rihanna performed the song as part of a set list, which included " Wait Your Turn " and " Hard ", the latter roulette number recorder which Rihanna was joined on stage by Young Jeezyto perform the song together. A reviewer from MTV UK stated that "The Barbadian beauty then sat seductively on stage in a throne that roulette number recorder the Beckhams would be proud of to belt out the ballad".

After the release of the album in the United Casino iphone bonus deposit no, she embarked on learn more here promotional performances.

The performance was similar to the one from the Nokia promotional concert and featured Spela bridge sitting on a throne chair. She performed the song on a movable platform while wearing a floor-length gown covered with red LED lights. Neil McCormick of The Telegraph de dames en 2 joueurs, in a review of one of the tour's concerts, said: An Italian language version of the song was released by Italian performing duo Paola e Chiara in their album Milleluci.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shaffer Smith Charles Harmon. Whatever she came with, if she came out with 'I still love you' that would have been about Chris Brown.

If she came out with 'I hate your dog' that would have been roulette number recorder Chris Roulette number recorder, too. It's just a natural reaction for people to associate 'cause she's been so tight-lipped. Contemporary hit rhythmic urban radio. Retrieved October 21, Retrieved October 24, Retrieved April 4, Def JamSRP. Retrieved April 3, Retrieved April 7, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved July 8, Rihanna Superstars of Hip-Hop.

Rihanna, 'Rated R ' ". The New York Times. Retrieved May 25, Retrieved April 5, Rihanna, Rated R Mercury ". Rihanna - 'Rated R' Article source ". Retrieved July 31, Retrieved July 28, Chris Richards reviews the learn more here 'Rated R' by Rihanna". Retrieved November 12, Archived http://shannononeill.info/hangover-casino-game-online.php the original on July 24, Retrieved May 11, Retrieved November 22, The Official Charts Company.

Retrieved January 29, Russian Roulette" in Finnish. Retrieved August 1, The Huffington Post Media Group. Retrieved August 8, How dark is roulette number recorder dark? Retrieved August 5, Archived from the original on October 2, Retrieved March 10, Retrieved November 13, Retrieved October 25, Roulette number recorder June 22, Retrieved October 7, Australian Recording Industry Association.

Retrieved May 7, GfK Entertainment in German. Retrieved 25 February Retrieved February 4, Hollywood columbus jobs from the original on January 23, Retrieved December 18,

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"Russian Roulette" is a song recorded by Barbadian singer Rihanna for her fourth studio album, Rated R (). It premiered on radio stations worldwide on October
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