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After the outstanding first set offering of Ghost in Albany, this version finds a familiar slot, towards the beginning of the second set. The segue and full version of The Wedge have been included.

Music to my ears! Mike and Fish make a nice powerful entry, and Ghost takes an upbeat pace. Trey begins to solo for a bit, prior to the seriose online casino 88. The solo section has a great tone from Page, and he gets sum extra funky Mike to back him up.

The pause is a bit shorter than normal, and includes a couple Fishman notes. The drop in is spot on, and man does it get the energy flowing. A short composed section, but an above average one. The jam starts out with Trey soloing and a couple of here off measures.

When they stop, a blissful minimalist jam breaks out. We just started and already I am digging this. Page floats me away to click here better place right from the start. Each note drops in and finds its mark. Outstanding work from the Chairman. Trey begins by soloing gently into this easy groove. Mike has opted for much more of a backing role compared to other Ghosts from the year We had seen him take control in many of those, but here he finds a nice supportive role giving the jam a nice backbone.

By about the 5: His sound moves more to the forefront of this jam. When the note is released he comes in stronger and starts to rock out for a bit. From there, around 6: Trey even backs off completely for a few.

He takes a listen to the soft delicate balance going on by the band, and compliments it wonderfully. The band finds a well balanced sound at that point. This is gorgeous playing from Page, with some delicate soloing from Trey, smooth bass from Mike, and rock solid Fishman. I feel like when they click this well they feel like doing this…. Trey rips into a solo at the 7: He cash questions big casino this tempo and Seriose online casino 88 starts http://shannononeill.info/casino-saint-antonin-noble-val.php slowly build underneath him.

No type 2 dark magic tonight. This is about to get hot. Trey continues to shred and Page is building things seriose online casino 88 well on piano. Fishman takes that que and begins to beat the crap out of his drum set. So this Ghost is seven minutes in, and we are already trying to blow up seriose online casino 88 building.

Sometimes it is fun to just set the wold on fire. One of these is not like read article other. Trey and Fish are dominating and crushing this seriose online casino 88. Trey continues to repeat notes, build tension, and flat out shred. He wanted that one. The crowd gives a nice roar at the 9: Fish however, is still pushing this pace and has continued an upbeat tempo.

Trey is holding notes and letting Fishman work underneath him. Things look like they might break down, but wait…. Seriose online casino 88 then drops a fill at the This jam is getting a big dose of Trey and Fish before heading into the sunset.

Trey then holds a couple of notes to build some tension. Fishman drops a big fill and Trey rips one more shredding solo to a seriose online casino 88 roar from the crowd. The jam from that point though begins to break down. Trey backs off, and Fishman seriose online casino 88 things down. Page brings some nice piano melodies into this broken down jam, as the segue into The Wedge starts to take shape.

The segue is patient, and is ultra cool. Fishman begins the the beat to The Wedge at the A short but action packed Ghost.

The opening jam casa vacanza sapri is extremely well played by Page and Trey. I do love the segue into The Wedge. Another good Ghostjust not elite. Trey really has no clue how to play the intro lick to Wedge here lol. That Ghost was super hot, though.

Lots of great Trey playing. Not sure where that came from. February 5, Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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